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Your child could be our next success story.  Meet Will Viola.  William Viola IV is the son of Sensei Bill Viola Jr. and the Grandson of Shihan Viola aka Papa Sensei 😊.  The 4-year-old Will is following in the Viola Karate family legacy, currently holding the rank of yellow belt with orange stripe. Affectionately known as “Willizi” throughout the dojo, he was recently honored as #1 in the state of Pennsylvania in the 6-year-old and under novice sparring category by the PKRA Pennsylvania karate rating association. He is a perfect example of the Sensei Says curriculum used exclusively by Norwin Ninjas.

Will Viola aka Willzi

Will Viola the Pittsburgh Karate Kid

The Viola family in Pittsburgh is renowned for their contributions to the martial arts, specifically karate. They have a long-standing presence in the area, with a history that spans several decades. The Viola family is well-respected in the martial arts community for their dedication to teaching and promoting karate and other martial arts disciplines.

Bill Viola Sr. is a notable figure in this lineage, recognized as a pioneer in the martial arts world. He has been instrumental in developing and promoting karate in the Western Pennsylvania region and beyond. The family’s dojo, often referred to as Allegheny Shotokan Karate or Viola Karate, has produced a number of successful martial artists and has hosted significant martial arts events.

The Viola family’s contributions to martial arts extend beyond their local dojo. They have been involved in organizing competitions, including some of the earliest mixed martial arts (MMA) events before the term was widely used. Their efforts have significantly influenced the growth and development of martial arts in the United States.

The legacy of the Viola family in Pittsburgh and the broader martial arts world reflects their commitment to teaching life skills through martial arts, such as discipline, respect, and perseverance. Their impact is seen not only in their students’ martial arts achievements but also in the way those students carry those values into their everyday lives.  This tradition is carried on by Gabby Viola and Will Viola… Shihan Viola’s grand children.

Bill Viola Jr. is a prominent figure in the martial arts community, continuing the legacy of his father, Bill Viola Sr., who is a martial arts pioneer. Viola Jr. has made significant contributions to martial arts, particularly in the context of children and young learners. He is known for his involvement in karate and mixed martial arts (MMA), both as an instructor and as an advocate for the sport.

One of Bill Viola Jr.’s notable contributions is his work with young martial artists, including his kids:  Gabby and Will.  He emphasizes not only the physical aspects of martial arts training but also the life skills and values that can be learned through karate. This includes discipline, respect, confidence, and perseverance. His approach to teaching karate to kids is holistic, focusing on developing both the body and the character.

Viola Jr. has been involved in various initiatives to promote martial arts for kids. This includes organizing events, competitions, and seminars that cater to young participants, providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills, learn from others, and grow in their practice.

Sensei Says

SENSEI SAYS ® is an award-winning life skills curriculum that EMPOWERS children to become a “Black Belt in Life”

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